What we do

Programmes and Grants

What does YDMT do?

It’s not an easy question to answer, because we do a lot!

Put simply Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust exists to look after the well-being of the whole of the Yorkshire Dales. Our mission is ‘to support the environmental, social and economic well-being of the Yorkshire Dales’ and we work in many different ways to achieve it.

Our work is broad-ranging and we work with many other organisations and individuals to make it a success.

There are three key ways in which we work….

  • Raise & distribute funds to projects.
  • Manage & distribute grants on behalf of other organisations.
  • Deliver projects directly.

Our preferred way of working is to raise money so we can fund individuals, community groups and organisations to help them achieve their own projects to benefit the area. In this way we work as an enabling body, helping others to deliver their aspirations for the Dales.


There are times when doing the work ourselves is the only practicable way to make it happen.

Use the menu or click here to browse the many programmes we’re currently involved with or read about some of our past work here.


The other way we work is to deliver funding directly to projects, through our own grants schemes and on behalf of other organisations. As part of this we provide help and advice to applicants.

YDMT is currently managing the following grants programmes: