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People and the DALES


Addi Street is sheltered housing provided by Catholic Care for adults with mental health issues in Bradford. A group of 10 tenants came lambing at Ribblehead as part of the People and the DALES programme.

The following account of the day is written by one of the tenants:

Our Day Out Lambing, by Michael

"All of us who went to Ribblehead agreed it was the best day out ever. Okay there was a bit of time getting there but even the place we stopped off for a toilet break was beautiful! 

We met Judy Rogers who is so nice and knows such a lot about the countryside and tells you lots of things.

Judy took us to meet the farmer called Rodney Beresford and his sheepdog, a black and white collie called Mist. All of us together walked through some fields to where the sheep and little lambs were, and we rounded them up and got them into a pen. Everyone chased after the lambs and held them in their arms until the farmer wanted them. He tagged them and painted their bottoms green so you could tell they had been done and they were his. We let them into a different field and we rounded up some more and did it all again, it was great fun and the lambs were so cute; when we had done this we all sat down in the field with the sheep and had our packed lunch.

After lunch we walked through the countryside, through the farmers own wood into a field where we might see some newborn lambs, but guess what, we saw two lambs being born right in front of our eyes! It was like a miracle.

The weather was lovely all day and we were all tired when we got back on the minibus to come home. We all said we would go again next time, are you coming too?"


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