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Keasden Head Farm, Clapham: A farm you can visit

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Dales Farmers in Education

Keasden Head Farm

Keasden Head Farm is part of the Dales Farmers in Education project and offers fun, engaging curriculum based visits and activities for schools.

Keasden Head is an upland hill farm engaged in rearing and finishing stock. It is made up of 322 acres of farmland and is made up of a mix of landscapes and habitats including traditional species- rich hay meadow and grazing pasture.

The farm has a herd of British Blue/Limousin cattle and a flock of Swaledale and Derbyshire Gritstone sheep for breeding and meat production. Visitors can see the stock close up and learn about animal husbandry and farming techniques on a traditional Dales farm.

The farm is also engaged in environmental improvements to attract species such as Lapwing, Curlew, Woodcock and Snipe. Visitors can go on nature walks and engage in field studies against the stunning backdrop of Ingleborough on the horizon.

Download the Keasden Head Farm profile for more information about the farm, activities, location and contact details. 


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