If you love the Yorkshire Dales, why not give some time to be a part of it's future?  

Volunteer seed collectors

Whatever your background, and however much time you can spare, if you love the Dales we have a volunteering opportunity for you. You might make new friends or learn a new skill along the way, and you'll make a real difference to the Dales.

Event volunteering 

We need volunteers to help organise and run our fundraising stands at local events like Harrogate Flower Show and Leyburn Food Festival. Become part of the team, meet new people and help spread the word about the work we do in the Yorkshire Dales.  

Informal volunteering 

Are you an avid reader of the local news? We need people from around Yorkshire and Lancashire who can help us monitor newspapers, magazines and other media for publicity about YDMT. It's important that people know about the work we do, but we often don't know where news about us appears. If you're happy to look out for relevant articles and send us clippings, we'd be delighted to hear from you. 

Leaflet distribution

If you live in or near the Yorkshire Dales, or you're a regular visitor, perhaps you could help distribute our leaflets to shops, information centres and businesses in the area? A great excuse to go for a drive in the Dales and meet some of the lovely people who live and work here.  

Woodland Conservation  

YDMT has helped to plant over 1 million native broadleaf trees across the Yorkshire Dales, creating hundreds of new woodland habitats. We need volunteers to help ensure that our young woodlands stay healthy and strong, by carrying out woodland maintenance such as straightening trees, replacing tree guards and weeding. This is a great way to stay active, get out and about in some lovely parts of the Dales and learn new skills.   

Wildflower Hay Meadow Conservation 

We urgently need to safeguard threatened hay meadows in the Yorkshire Dales. These wildlife havens are home to a unique collection of wildflowers and grasses as well as pollinating insects, birds, bats and mammals. Our work includes practical conservation, detailed surveys and monitoring, community participation and education - so there are lots of ways you can get involved.  

Bumblebee monitoring. Learn how to identify and record bumblebee species and help us to monitor and record the wildflowers they visit in different meadows across the Dales (on a monthly basis, spring to autumn). Our findings are disseminated widely within the farming and conservation community, helping to influence policy and modify hay meadows as a habitat for bumblebees into the future.

Become a seed collector. We need volunteers who can collect ripe wildflower seed, then prepare and sow the seeds to be used as plug plants. These plants are planted-out to restore areas of degraded meadows as well as in community areas, gardens and schools, to provide crucial nectar and pollen source for insects.