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How can Donate to the Dales work for your tourist business?
"The Dales is such a unique and beautiful location, which is one of the main reasons why people love to holiday here. So it makes perfect sense for us to support the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, which is devoted to protecting and enhancing the natural landscape of the Dales."
Diane Howarth, owner of Cottage in the Dales.

Increasingly people who visit the Yorkshire Dales want to know that the accommodation they choose and the attractions and shops they visit have a caring attitude towards the local environment.

Donate to the Dales gives you the opportunity to give something back to the Yorkshire Dales. It can even help you towards gaining green accreditations for your business. Most importantly it lets your customers know you care, and gives them the chance to get involved too.

There are several simple ways you can get involved:

Opt-in and Opt-out schemes
Opt-in schemes give your customers the opportunity to donate an extra amount per booking or transaction. Opt-out adds an extra amount to the customer’s bill, unless they choose not to.

Both schemes provide opportunities for you to promote your business and generate positive publicity - for example we can help you to plan awareness events and generate publicity when you set up the scheme or reach a target amount.

Sales promotions
Linking your accommodation, shop or attraction to a local project can help increase public interest, boost sales and build customer loyalty. See some examples

Host a badge box
Give your customers the chance to donate £1 to the Dales in return for one of our pin badges and nifty little cards. To request a badge box please get in touch.