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Date of issue: 17 March 2017

Many mums look forward to receiving the gift of fresh flowers on Mother’s Day, but as around 90% of flowers sold in the UK have travelled hundreds, if not thousands of miles to get here, there is often a hidden environmental cost to consider.

A local charity is urging people to think twice before buying imported cut flowers this Mother’s Day, and instead to look closer to home when choosing a gift.

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) has an environmentally-friendly alternative on offer. Rather than clocking up the air miles and then wilting in a vase, this special gift offers fresh flowers for a lifetime by helping to restore beautiful living wildflower hay meadows found locally in the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland.

Such meadows are an iconic part of our countryside, but sadly 97% of traditionally managed wildflower hay meadows have been lost, making them one of the most scarce and threatened habitats in Britain.

If you give a ‘Living Bouquet’ from YDMT this Mother’s Day, you will help to restore these beautiful and vibrant habitats.

Tanya St. Pierre, YDMT’s Hay Time Project Officer, said: “Who can resist beautiful flowers? But so many of the cut flowers you see for sale are foreign imports that have travelled many miles to reach our shops. By giving a Living Bouquet you can help us to save the precious wildflower meadows on our doorstep. These vibrant habitats are teaming with up to 120 species of wildflowers and grasses per field, and are home to many rare species of wildlife; plants like the Globeflower and endangered animals like the Brown Hare. They also provide a vital habitat for bumblebees and other important pollinators. So instead of giving a bunch of foreign imports this Mother’s Day, why not do something really special in honour of your mum?”

In return for a donation of £25 you will receive a pretty gift pack, including a personalised certificate, attractive card and pack of wildflower seeds sustainably sourced from northern England, together with a guide to one of the best wildflower meadow walks to enjoy in the Yorkshire Dales.

Your donation will support YDMT’s award winning Hay Time project. Since 2006 the charity has been working closely with farmers and contractors across the Yorkshire Dales, and more recently the Forest of Bowland AONB, to reinstate traditional, low-intensity farming techniques and deliver practical conservation work. Sustainably-sourced wildflower seed has been added to approximately 650 hectares of degraded meadows so far through this partnership, bringing significant improvements in floral species richness, species diversity and meadow composition, as well as benefits for native wildlife species.

Order your Living Bouquet by 11am on Friday 24 March for delivery in time for Mother’s Day. Visit or call 015242 51002.

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